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Why Mountaincart is great for Operators:

Developed in the mountains of Bavaria, Germany as a family hobby, it has grown into an international success that is enjoyed in more than 20 countries world-wide. With over 1 million rides on our Mountaincarts the numbers speak for its success with visitors.
With little infrastructure investment & it’s ease of use by riders, lift operators report an increase in lift rides in the summer by more than 50 percent and rental stores find they have up to 1,000 downhill rides daily.

The flexibility of usage is especially appreciated by operators:

  • With wide surface usage flexibility it can dash down forest paths, meadows, dirt and asphalt roads
  • Transport  up the mountain with ATVs, chairlifts or cable cars, well as tours with van & trailer are all possible
Proven & Robust Technology:
  • Mountaincart is used in over 20 countries world-wide
  • Over 100 stations worldwide with fleets from 30 to 150 carts
  • Few moving parts mean limited maintenance and repair necessity
Ease of Adaptation & Long Product Life:
  • Mountaincart can be adapted using existing infrastructure & limited investment
  • Robust German Technology with aluminum construction makes for long lifetime (over 10 years of usage at some resorts)
  • Unique dual-circuit braking system hydraulic disc brakes for extra safety and fun

Mountain Cart

Why Mountaincart is so popular with everyone from families to even pro racers:

More and more customers are enjoying the Mountaincart around the world.  Typically hired at mountain resorts, sports rental shops, bike parks, outdoor event companies and mountain lodges, it is an easily adaptable & safe adventure activity.

Easy to Use for Most Ages:
  • No special skills necessary to start with 4 different sizes to fit wide range of children and adults
  • Comfortable enough for a leisurly ride & durable enough for steep fast pace races
  • Unique dual-circuit braking system hydraulic disc brakes for extra safety and fun

Comfort & Safety:
  • Ergonomically designed with low center of gravity and a wide wheel base for high driving stability
  • Lightweight, but Robust Aluminium Construction
  • Unique dual-circuit braking system hydraulic disc brakes for extra safety and fun

The Mountain Carting Experience

Carting for All ages

We offer a 3 hour beginner group course that begins on our small slope. You can hop in right away and go slow or fast.

Unique outdoor Adventure

Come and try the very first Mountain Cart experience in Japan. Our carts are super steady, tested and proven across the world as safe.

Professional Carts

With thousands or rentals across Europe and the world our equipment is professional grade and proven over 20 years use.


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